Saturday, July 28, 2007

Banana Latte Smoothie

Here's a recipe for smoothie lovers & coffee lovers.
It's a great healthy breakfast by itself when you're pressed for time, serves as the perfect morning energizer or can be had just any time of the day.

2 bananas
1 cup coffee (I made it by boiling a cup of milk & adding 1/2 - 1 1/2 tsp coffee powder to it & chilling it well before making the smoothie but do adjust according to your taste.)
1 cup cold milk(this is in addition to the milk used to make the coffee)
2 Tbsp yogurt
3-4 drops vanilla essence
Sugar as needed

Combine the ingredients & blend until smooth.
Couldn't get any simpler than that now, could it?

This makes 2 servings.

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Asha said...

Coffee and banana is a unique combination and looks yum.Very creative ,thanks T:))

SeeC said...

Though I dont take coffee this is really tempting.
May be I should try it !
Thanks for the lovely post.

Roopa said...

Banana with coffee :) he he sounds great

Laavanya said...

That's a very unusual combination.... how well do the bananas and coffee go together? I'm still trying to accept this combination I guess... :)

Anita said...

Those Harry Potters? Ah to sit down with that smoooooothie and them books - beautiful Sunday!

And look at those recipes flow! Banana Nut Muffins are my son's favourite! The pictures are just fab, TBC!

zlamushka said...

wow, this looks really cool. Coffee and bananas, great, reat combo. Did you make it up yourself? Nice, will sip that on my way to work instead....

bee said...

OMG, j will love this. he's a coffee lover.

TBC said...

Asha, thank you :-)

Seec, do try it, it was good!

Roopa, thanks for visiting!

They go together pretty well. Just don't add too much coffee powder while making the latte. Mine was a little bitter beacause I added 2 tsp . I then changed it in the recipe to 1 1/2 tsp. You could probably use just 1 tsp.

TBC said...

Anita, you are really observant!
I borrowed the Harry Potters from my hubby for this pic. Boy, did he make a fuss or what!. He was scared that I would spill the smoothie over his precious books!Bah!Grrrrr!

TBC said...

Welcome to my blog!
Yeah, I came up with it. I had 2 bananas begging to be used!
Do try it . You might want to adjust the amount of coffee in the latte though.

TBC said...

Do try it out. My smooothie was just a tad bitter.I added too much coffee powder( and updated my post )as you can probably tell by the color.

Kajal said...

Great combination my dear but you use milk with yogurt.....I try one day and taste it definitely. Looks great.:)

TBC said...

You must try everything in life at least once, right???;-)

Padma said...

I have couple of bananas in the rack...should try this soon before they turn brown

TBC said...

Padma, do try it & lemme know!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Must be a tasty smoothie! I love both coffee and bananas . so I'll try small amount first.

TBC said...

Latha, I actually liked the taste... I know there are people who don't care for coffee & bananas in the same thing:-)

Shab.. said...

wooowww....what a fantastic pic....the pic loooks really yummy, shud give it a definite try!looks like a chocolate smoothie...yum yum...

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