Tuesday, August 21, 2007

From your kitchen to mine # 1

Here are some recipes that I have tried out from other blogs -
Spicy Pineapple .

The only changes I made were:
I used canned pineapple instead of fresh and it still tasted very good.
I did not add any pepper although it is mentioned in the original version.
I added 1/2 tsp of methi/fenugreek seeds.

Simply Delicious Potato Wedges
The only change I made here was to use a lot of garlic powder and some dried herbs too (a mixture of parsley, rosemary and basil)

Kichidi with Raita

The only major change I made was to use masoor dal instead of split moong dal.
My raita had onions & cucumber.

Nirmala's Tomato-Basil Pesto

I pretty much stuck to her recipe for the most part; just added some walnuts, pepper & a tsp of fresh lemon juice.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and recipes gals!

It’s time for some bragging now. Over the weekend, Padma of Padma’s Kitchen gave me this -
Isn’t that great?... it has only been a little over a month ago that I started blogging and this is my 2nd award! Yay!
Thank you so much, Padma. It is really very nice of you.

Since most of you have already received these awards and passed them on, I will just hold on to this one.

Happy Cooking!

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Laavanya said...

Great post there TBC. The pictures are simply fabulous. Is that pineapple curry, at first look i thought those were potatoes. I particularly love the strewn rice + dal picture.

Finla said...

All the dishes look nice, i loce the look of the potato wedges

Suganya said...

Most of these are in my must-try list too. Glad you found the time!

Cynthia said...

Those are some mighty fine choices you made in dishes to replicate there and they all look fantastic. Congrats on your well-deserved award!

Sreelu said...


What a spread you have, beautiful pic and congrats on your award.
I love the tomato pesto, I should give this a try

Asha said...

TBC, LOVE the Pesto! I have some too.Usually Basil pesto has Parmesan and Pine nuts. This version looks great too. You have been busy cooking!Enjoy the awards!:)

Padma said...

TBC, that spicy pineapple looks ...slurp slurp slurp... bet your gotcha! and congratulations!

SeeC said...

Congrats girl !!!

Lovely pictures.
Shows your interest. Everything has come out well.

Good job

Richa said...

hey, that kichadi raw material pic is very pretty :) it's fun trying all these dishes, congrats sweetie.

Sharmi said...

great looking recipes. that sure looks like worth a try. congrats on the award.

Cris said...

They all look soo good, but the potato wedges really caught my attention! :-)

Anonymous said...

nice to know u are actually trying other bloggers recipes.so nice of u. congratulations for the award u got.u deserve it.

Roopa said...

Congrats on the award and all the recipes looks great

Lakshmi said...

Congratulations on those awards. You have so many imported items from fellow bloggers kitchen! I do it too and ever since I have started blogging no meal is boring. So many things to cook! :)

Kamini said...

What a fabulous idea to post recipes from others blogs.. The spicy pineapple looks way too yummy..Nice pictures BTW.

archana said...

Your pictures look amazing. I liked all of them. Rice dal picture looks really pretty :)All the dishes look tasty :)

amna said...

You ARE rocking! I especially like the last pic if the gravy in the spoon. it has such a cute shape!

thanks for dropping by, TBC :)

Coffee said...

Now you better change you name from budding to perfect or experienced or whatever cook!

Those pics are absulutely fab my dear! :)

Srivalli said...

wow...so many you have tried...very nice of you...

and congrats on your award...how old never matters...you have a great blog going...


Raaga said...

Lovely stuff and congrats girl :-)

bee said...

you take lovely pics indeed. cobgrats.

Shivapriya said...

Congrats on ur awards !!! I'm really glad you stopped by my blog. It's been pleasure visiting ur blog. Delicious recipes and beautiful pictures. Keep it up.

TBC said...

Laavanya, thanks :-)

Happy cook, thanks:-)

I have tried so many dishes from other blogs but I almost always forget to take pics! My " must try list " of recipes seems to be never-ending!

Cynthia, thank you:-)You started it & now we have all " rocking people " in the blogosphere.

Thanks. Pesto itself was new to me . I had heard of it before but never actually made it.It tasted so good. I had it with some garlic bread yest.

Asha,I did add Parmesan cheese. I had no pine nuts, so used walnuts:-)

Padma, thank you girl!:-)

Seec, thanks:-)

Richa,thanks.Yes, it is so much fun & now there is so much variety in my cooking.My hubby is not complaining either!

Sharmi, thanks:-)

Cris, thanks :-)

Yeah,it is so much fun doing it & thank you:-)

Roopa, thank you:-)

TOM,thank you:-). You said it! There are so many choices now thanks to all the recipes of fellow-bloggers :-)

Thank you.:-)Do try the pineapple thing.. it tastes so good( if you like sweet things)

Archana, thank you:-)

Nags, thank you:-)

Coffee, TBC is better.. that way I can still continue to be the way I am!;-)
Thank you for the compliment :-)

Srivalli,thank you for the encouragement:-)

Raaga, thank you:-)

Bee, I try! But thank you :-)

Shivapriya,thank you for stopping by & thanks for yor kind words:-)

Sia said...

i second coffee...change ur name tbc:) i am glad u tried n liked kichidi n raita.
congrats. u surely rock girl:)

Patricia Scarpin said...

TBC, I already have tons of recipes I want to try and you go and do this?? ;)
Just kidding - the photos are mouthwatering!
My eyes are on those potato wedges.

Mallika said...

My oh my, those meals look delicious. And congratulations on the award. You deserve it!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Congratulations on your award, and thanks for visiting my blog. Love your yummy pictures! :)

TBC said...

Sia, thanks ... you really flatter me :-)

Patricia, yeah , I know that feeling. I think one lifetime is not enough to try out everything!

Thanks, Mallika:-)

EMYK, thanks for stopping by:-)Thanks for the compliments :)

Unknown said...

They Spicy Pineapple look really good and the recipe sounds interesting.

marriedtoadesi.com said...

Very nice pictures TBC! I liked the rice on for the kichidi. Its nice to see the ingredients too, I'm too lazy to take pictures of them half the time.

Congrats, you are a rockin girl!


Rajesh &Shankari said...

what an array :) I have to try that pesto for sure

Bharathy said...

Yay!congrats for both the awards,dear!!You update your blog very well...visit bloggers!!..and now You proved to be great blogger too by trying out others'recipes!!!Great work..keep it up :)

Seena said...

Thanks for visiting Simple and Delicious!

What a nice blog you have girl! Wonderful pictures..keep up the good work!

Lia said...

ohhh goshhhh all makes me mouthwatering!

Manjula said...

This is my first time here..and I already like your blog :)

Susan said...

A second award in only a month of blogging - well done. It shows how popular and enjoyable your blog is. : ) Very tasty recipe renditions you have here. I can't take my eyes off the pineapple, but everything looks so good.

TBC said...

Kevin, thank you for visiting.

Kanchana,thank you.
It's has almost gotten to the point where I can't enter the kitchen without clicking something:-)

Shankari, Welcome !

Bharathy, thank you for the kind words.I have tried out so many recipes from other blogs but have not taken pics always.
Thanks for the encouragement.

Seena, thank you for coming over:-)

Lia, thanks:-)

Manjula, You said that the last time too:-( You've been here before.But thank you for visiting again:-)

Susan, thanks. You sure know how to make a girl feel good :)

Rachna said...

thanks for highlighting such yummy recipes rom fellow bloggers...i want to try the spicy pineapple and the pesto...

TBC said...

Rachana, I've tried so many... always forget to take pics!.
These 2 are really good :-)

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