Saturday, September 22, 2007

From your kitchen to mine # 2

Here are a few recipes from other blogs, that I have tried out successfully in my kitchen. These are fabulous recipes and I totally recommend these to anyone who is interested in cooking.

Suma’s Sihi Avalakki

Padma’s Udipi Sambar

Laavanya’s Rava dosai

Laavanya’s Pan-roasted cauliflower

Laavanya’s Aloo tikki

Laavanya’s Tomato thokku

Sharmi’s Banana Walnut bread

Some more… without pictures...

Walnut Brownies with orange zest

Malai toast

Jeer-meerya kadhi

Red Bell Pepper chutney

Egg Pakora

Cornmeal upma

Tuvar daal

Khaman Dhokla


Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and recipes, girls!

There are a lot of bloggers whose recipes I’ve bookmarked and I’m slowly but steadily working my way through it.
Thanks to every single blogger who allows me to peek into their kitchen to see what’s cooking.

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Asha said...

You have been a busy bee Lavanya!:))
I cooked few of bloggers recipes too, they are all wonderful.Udupi Sambhar looks fab!:)

Rajitha said...

TBC..that is really cool,i should post stuff like this too ...actually i can vouch for laavanya's rava dosas too.. i made them today morning and they are awesome...

Seena said...

All mouthwatering pictures..Nice to know that you enjoyed trying out all these..

bee said...

lovely dishes, all of them. that rava dosa has been consuming my thoughts recently.

Sharmi said...

All are sure a must try recipes. they all look so lovely. Thanks for trying the bread too.

Rina said...

Pics are tempting. I'm longing for aloo tikki

musical said...

Great choice, TBC! he he, and many of them are my favorits too :).

Have a great weekend,

srivalli said...

thats wonderful ..very nice of you to try..

Nags said...

This is such a nice idea for a post :) keep them coming :)

bindiya said...

What a sweet post, BUT- hey girl, nothing after Baklava,no- no not done ,go get into the kitchen and get some super duper stuff out for us!as u always do:)

Happy cook said...

Wow you have been busy.
All the dishes look delicious.
I love the udipi sambhar. It looks totally different than the normal sambar.

Dhana said...

ooh, i have a lot of cauliflower sitting at home..will try the pan roasted version today!

Cynthia said...

I see that Laavanya has edged out Trupti by one :D

It's so nice getting ideas and inspiration from other bloggers, isn't it...

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

first to comment on this looooonnnngggg line of delicacies!!!!..great going, hey..didn't I happen to mention it earlier....its high time that you change your name, deary!!!!...Your r in full bloom now!!!

Jun :) said...

hi...cook a lot. got party?

Laavanya said...

Wow! TBC.. I am speechless... Great to see that you've been trying out so many dishes and am very happy that it includes some of mine. Thank you so much for trying them out and also letting us know :) Wonderful pictures...

Padma said...

Everything looks so fabulous!

Kumudha said...

sihi avallaki looks so good.

Wonderful pictures!

Vijiram said...

Your blog is wonderful with beautiful photographs!! Thanks for visiting my blog.

SeeC said...

Simple superb TBC. Appreciate your good work.

TBC said...

Asha,I agree I made a lot of Lavanya's recipes, but I'm still TBC ;-)Thanks for the compliment. I have no probs accepting that!:-)

Rajitha,they really are, aren't they!

Seena, I like trying out others' recipes more than making my own stuff these days!

Bee, go ahead & make the dosa, you can consume that instead;-)

Sharmi,thank YOU!

Rina, thanks for the compliment.

Srivalli, Nags- thanks girls.

Bindiya, I listened to you and marched right into my kitchen & made some hummus, just for ya;-)

Happy Cook,
The sambar was really good,thanks to Padma. I don't think I can ever eat my own sambar again!

Dhana, do try it. It is great!

Cynthia, yeah, for a while it was really close and then L managed to beat T:-)
It is very nice of everyone to share what they make like this. i have never been a person with a lot of cookbooks & now, there is no need to buy one either!

Sona,yeah, you mentioned earlier. You are really very sweet, girl. What a nice compliment.

Laavanya, thank YOU!:-)

Padma, thanks:-)

Kumudha, thank you. Coming from a Kannadiga, that makes me feel good:-)

Vijiram, thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you around here:-)

Seec, thank you! you take care of yourself, o.k.?

TBC said...

Dear musical,sorry I missed your comment...scrolled down way too quickly!
I made these recipes over the last few months & now I can bookmark some more!

Jun:)- sorry I did not see your comment earlier on!
No party, just been cooking from my friends' kitchens tobreak the monotony.

Richa said...

someone's been keeping busy ;)
glad u liked the malai toast, my fav as well :)

TBC said...

Richa, yeah, it's so much fun to try recipes like this.
Thank YOU!

Suma Gandlur said...

That's a long list, TBC. You have been busy as Asha said. Happy cooking :)

Suma Gandlur said...

Forgot to add that those pictures look gorgeous.

TBC said...

Suma, thank you:)
I have been doing this over the last couple of months and these recipes are a great change from the stuff I make regularly.

Kribha said...

good selection of dishes and beautiful results. I have also been trying others recipes. But it never occured to me to post it like you. Really good.

TBC said...

Kribha-thank you:-).
I think I've become so sick & tired of what I make that I try out others' dishes a lot just to break the monotny.

Cris said...

Oh my, only good stuff here!!! Love the blogs you mentioned, will try the cauliflower that is in my fridge this week and it was waiting for inspiration!

TBC said...


Vcuisine said...

TBC, that is a list of must try items. Second time they are proved that worth trying. Good array of dishes. Like your taste. Viji

TBC said...

Viji, my folder of bookmarked items is overflowing!
Thanks to YOU and my blog buddies:-)

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