Sunday, October 7, 2007

Jaggery Dosa/Vella Dosai

Vella dosas are sweet dosas made with jaggery and wheat flour. I understand that this is a very common tiffin item in Tamil Nadu.
1 cup wheat flour
½ cup rice flour
½ cup
2 Tbsp grated coconut
A pinch or two of powdered cardamom
6-7 cashew nuts, powdered
Ghee (to make the dosas)
Salt to taste
Melt the jaggery on medium heat in a cup of water till it dissolves completely. Let it cool.

Mix all the other ingredients together. Add the jaggery syrup to this along with the required amount of water and prepare a batter.

Heat a cast-iron skillet/griddle until hot and smear it with a little bit of ghee. Pour a ladleful of batter onto the skillet and spread in a circular motion starting from the inside, working your way towards the outside. Add a little ghee around the edges of the dosa and cook till golden brown. Then flip and cook the other side till done.

Serve hot with or without accompaniments depending on your preference.
We had our dosas with some spicy chutney to offset the sweetness of the jaggery.

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Sharmi said...

I have never had this one, that small piece of jaggery looks so cute there!

Sreelu said...

Looks so delicious, never tried/heard of this recipe before

Richa said...

hey, those look absolutely gorgeous :) lovely color. such a fav, but i never added coconut, will try that next time!!

musical said...

Dosas look great! I would have one with spicy chutney too :).

Seena said...

TBC, so this is a sweet dosa? I like everything with jaggery..

Redchillies said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful dosa TBC. Loved the idea of sweet dosa.

Anonymous said...

It looks so good. Thanks for posting. I am going to try it.


grihini said...

Have never heard of jaggery dosa's before. got to try this..

sra said...

I got a similar, maybe same, dish in an Udipi thali recently

easycrafts said...

I love the taste of jaggery...will surely try it...thanks

Apple said...

Very nice..I love this dosa..yours look perfect

Vcuisine said...

They are lovely TBC. Tempting though. Viji

Happy cook said...

They look delicious. It is atleast 18yrs back i had them.

Daily Meals said...

Looks great in gold colour...

Rajitha said...

got intorduced to this dish from my uncle..its his does stick to the tawa if it's not non-stick pan..urs looks yumm

Asha said...

We make it too, call it Bellada dose! YUM!:))

Kribha said...

wow..never tried this before. Mouthwatering pics. Sweet doas and spicy chutney sounds delicious.

Padma said...

I make them minus rice flour...should try adding this now..Looks lovely!

Namratha said...

This looks good TBC,I had no idea they made this in TN..will try it sometime..

Sirisha Kilambi said...

hey tbc......It is me who shud be telling you thanks dear :-))
btw....Ur sweet dosas look yum.....I am a great fan of these dosas...whenever I feel hungry...I just make them and eat.......A tinge of sweetness in anything ...I love :-)

Kumudha said...

Looks so wonderful.

I remember doing this dosa, by
following the recipe of Meenakshi ammal of the popular cook and see(samaithu par) cookbook. The dosa was delicious!

Kalva said...

Wow i was just thinking about this dosa, we make with sugar though. We call it thiyyappachi( sweet dosa )

Puspha said...

Looks biutiful. Adding this to my must try list. Thanx for sharing.

TBC said...

Sharmi, Sreelu, Richa- thanks a lot.It was new for me too. I had RCI in mind , but later realized that this did not fit in with the theme. But loved the recipe:-)

Musical- yeah, I too needed something spicy to go along. I think that you are supposed to just have it with some ghee. But I don't like it like that.

Seena- I too have a sweet tooth:-)

Red chillies- thanks:-)

Rumya, thank you and welcome:-)
Please let me know if you do try it.

Grihini, give it a go... u'll love it.

Sra-it's been ages since I've eaten any kind of thali. At this point I would eat anything on a thali!;-)

Easycrafts- do let me know how it turns out for you.

Apple-thank you:-)


Happy Cook- 18 years is a long time. Time foru to make it again!;-)

Daily meals-thanks:-)Did I mention that I love your blog's name?:-)

Rajitha, let me let u in on a little secret. The first few ones that I made stuck too...and this was in spite of the fact that it was my perfect cast-iron skillet!I took the best dosas for my pic;-)

Asha, so similar... vella in Tamil, bella in Kannada:-)

Kribha-try it when u can...very simple and does not require chopping of anything for a change!


Namratha- I too had no idea... was trying to look up stuff for RCI and that's how this came about.

Sirisha- me too:-)

Kumudha, thanks:-)

Kalva, now that is again something new to me. Blogging teaches you a learn something new everyday!

Pushpa-you are welcome. Hope you try it out & like it :-)

Sivani said...

Wonderful! I found your blog through the comment on mine, and I love it. Your photographs are amazing - I hope you have entered/are entering the Click event!

I've just blogrolled you - definitely worth repeat visits.

Bharathy said...

Hight time you changed the name as TEC...instead of TBC!!!

Wonderfully updated!!!Love love love this sweett dosa..Sure to be tried!!!i make the thicker batter version...Godambu/wheat ada with thenga and all...but not the tamil version..

See how many dishes you have tried and posted even from your freinds, down there!!Great great!!!!

And "TEC"..i wanted to bring this to your attention...Mandira has listed pazham pori among the raw plantain category...why dont you req her to move it to part 2 (banana ripe recipes)...she might have got confused with the mallu name..PAZHAM..:)

By the way waht does TEC stand for...did you ask me??

"The Expert cook"..:D

Prajusha said...

usually i make this dosa without rice flour.will try ur recipe next time.:)

Big Boys Oven said...

A sure winner you got there.... so warm and so inviting Dosai!

Laavanya said...

This looks lovely TBC. My husband likes everything with jaggery - will definitely try this. Your dosas look golden and perfect... :)

sunita said...

Love those sweet literally drooling.

Rajitha said...

aha! now you tell me...i was like god damn! calls herself
'the budding cook' but is kicking some butt here ;)....btw, u got me...i was pretending to be busy..he he..too lazy to post i tell u

Rohini's kitchen said...

Wow looks fabulous. Never heard of this.

Bhawna said...

Jaggery dosa, nice recipe as jaggery is good in iron & helps in acidity & digestion.
(ur pasta looks tempting)

Bhawna said...

Jaggery dosa, nice recipe as jaggery is good in iron & helps in acidity & digestion.
(ur pasta looks tempting)

VINI said...

oh my god, you brought back lovely memories with this dish. When we were kids mom used to make this and my bro used to go gaga over it :). The only difference was she used to make it in a kadai, so the center used to have a small bump. Beautiful blog my dear and the pics are so wonderful.

remya said...

lovely dosa indeed!!! i usually make riceflour..will try this delicious one...


I too make this one but forgot for past few maonths...Thanx for reminding me and love those dosas of urs.....:))

Susan said...

Coconut, cardamom and cashews...Wow!
What can I say? Feed me. : )

Mallika said...

Wow, I've never heard of sweet dosa before. It looks very inviting. where do you source your jaggery from?

Dhivya Karthik said...

wow..I have made this once before..luking at ur wonderful presentation, its on for 2morrow's breakfast :)

Hima said...

This is something new to me. Will have to give it a try.

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

this is a common tiffin item at our place too!!..easy, simple, delicious too...something u can come up with the least effort.
Infact, I had taken the snaps of it while i made it the last time, and my hubsband was like "ghodhambu dosayudae fotoum edukano???", now i can very well show ur post to him and say "see, never underestimate even the simplest of dosas!!!!!..thanks, tbc

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

this is a common tiffin item at our place too!!..easy, simple, delicious too...something u can come up with the least effort.
Infact, I had taken the snaps of it while i made it the last time, and my hubsband was like "ghodhambu dosayudae fotoum edukano???", now i can very well show ur post to him and say "see, never underestimate even the simplest of dosas!!!!!..thanks, tbc

Mona said...

Sweet Dosas !! Never had them in my life, might taste like pancakes ?! Will try them sometime in the breakfast after Ramadhan TBC, Thanks

bindiya said...

Delicious ! as usual, whatever you cook is fab !

Lapa said...




Please, add it to your favourites.

TBC said...

Sivani, thank you for stopping by & thank you for blogrolling me. You are too kind...and yes, I'm participating in Click:-)

Bharathy- you are so sweet and I actually like the nmae you have given me:-)But see, if I am TBC , I can get away with anything, but TEC would just HAVE to be perfect;-)
I have no problem with Plantain fritters being in part-1 ... as long as my entry is in the roundup;-)

Prajusha- do let me know:-)

Big Boys Oven-welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you around here. Now I'm off to check out yours:-)

Laavanya, thank you. Here, I am the one who prefers sweet dishes:-)

Sunita,so now you know how I feel when I see your fabulous creations!;-)

Rajitha- you are so funny, girl;-)

Rohini, thanks.

Bhawna, thanks:-)
Yeah, it is rich in iron and is so much more better than sugar for you.

Vini, thanks. Yes, thaat's how it is, isn't it?- food & memories.
My husband has an aunt/ cousin & the only thing he remembers about her is the food he was served when he was at her place!

Remya- give it a shot; it IS good:-)

Raks-thank you:-)

Susan, sure! When are you coming over? :-)

Mallika, thanks:-)
I get my jaggery from one of the Indian stores here . It comes in tiny blocks.
BTW, I am unable to access your blog through your profile:-( It is not public:-(

Dhivya, tomorrow has come and gone!
Did you make it?;-)

Hima, you will like it, I am sure :-)

Sona, true, very true.
My husband too is amazed at the things I do for the blog. Sometimes, I cannot cook without keeping my camera in the kitchen. If it is something that I have blogged about then we are free to attack the food immediately. Otherwise...

Mona, thanks for visiting. Happy Ramadhan!
They taste like pancakes but are without the eggs.

Bindiya- awww, aren't you sweet!
Keep saying such nice things-I like it;-)

Lapa, thanks for visiting.

SeeC said...

My mom used to make this one. Adding cashew powder sounds new to me. Noted down :) I know ,it will definitely add the to the taste.
Tempting pictures

rv said...

hi tbc:)

I love this dosa:) my mom makes it and I was searching for its recipe:) glad to step onto your recipe:) , we call it "godda polo" god means jaggery in konkani :) ...

TBC said...

RV- mom's recipes are the best are't they? I hope you try this one out to see if it's anything like your moms;-)

Laavanya said...

I made these for dinner tonight and we enjoyed them a lot. Had to make it a bit more sweeter because of our sweet tooth and omitted the cashewnut because my daughter is allergic but didn't miss it. Thanks TBC. Btw, this is not listed in your drop-down list of recipes...

Vidhya Iyer said...

wow this looks delicious. I was looking for the recipe and came to ur site. Thanks for the recipe.

TBC said...

Vidhya- welcome, and thanks for stopping by.:D
I hope you like the end-product too. Do let me know...

Shreya said...

hi, this looks great.. I make wheat dosa (without adding rice flour) using grated coconut ground with wheat flour, but adding jaggery sounds great. Will try this.

TBC said...

Shreya- thanks.:D

TBC said...

Shreya- thanks.:D

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