Saturday, February 16, 2008

From your kitchen to mine # 3

I’ve been bookmarking a lot of recipes during my "blog rounds." Here are some dishes that I have recreated in the recent past with little or no changes, inspired by fellow bloggers.


Namratha’s Mango Gojju

Nandita’s Brownies

Nupur’s Dahi Batata (Potato in Yogurt)

Patricia’s Fabulous five-minute fudge

Sharmi’s Polodya (Plantain-buttermilk curry)

Trupti’s Chana-Bateta Curry

I do not have pictures for these dishes that I made, but I just had to share the links with you.

Chilli Mushroom

Indira’s Capsicum Curry

Kanchana’s Puli-itta Keerai

Kaykat’s Cauliflower Coconut Stew

Laavanya’s Vendakai - Poondu Vathal Kuzhambu

Laavanya’s Garlic Chutney

Laavanya’s Pan-Fried Tofu with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Nupur’s Sago Khichdi

Nupur’s Tuesday Soup

Tee’s Besan Ladoo

Who needs cookbooks when a plethora of fabulous recipes is just a click away! Thank you for sharing your lovely recipes and helping me bring so much variety into my kitchen, girls.

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easycrafts said...

Even i have been bookmarking posts and trying out the recipes from other blogger feels great to try out such foolproof recipes from dear friends

Siri said...

Lovely array of recipes TBC..:D

- Siri

Nupur said...

Oh my, your kitchen sure has been humming with activity! Everything sounds so delicious, and that five-minute fudge is just calling out to me :)
I'm glad you tried some recipes from my blog and that they worked. The tuesday soup is a childhood favorite.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Oh, so many delicious food to try! Yummy!!
Those brownies made me drool here. :)

Thank you for mentioning the fudge - I'm so glad to know you like it! :)

Asha said...

Whoa!! Great tries!! You have been busy girl!:))

Saswati said...

you are so true...with so manyyyy recipes around who needs a cookbook?i have my recipes to blog abt and all you ppl's...i am in constant dilemma what to try:)

Namratha said...

Hey T, glad you tried the Mango gojju :) Nice to see all the other lovely dishes too, as you said who needs a cookbook...we have it all right here on the blogosphere :)

vimmi said...

Hi, SO many recipes to try. I have also been trying a lot of new recipes from blogs.

Kalai said...

So true, so true! So many great recipes to try out, so little time! :)

Vaishali said...

All the food looks absolutely delicious. Good job!

Bellini Valli said...

I agree TBC that we find many delcious recipes from our fellow bloggers who are just as passionate about food as we are. Everything seems to turn out well too because they have already tried the recipe and sourced it out :D...but I do like my cookbooks and magazines too :D

MuriMix said...

hey tbc,
i saw this choc bruschetta in a cooking light book (november 07 edition). We dont have cable at home now, so i dont get to watch the food network :(:(

Uma said...

Those are lovely! Nice post.

Happy cook said...

Wow you have been busy haven't you.
They all looks so delicious.

musical said...

Lovely choices, TBC! And i completely agree with your last statement!

That fudge looks so melt-in-your-mouth good!

Linda said...

What a wonderful assortment, TBC! That's what I find myself doing most -- trying others' recipes. Thanks for sharing your choices, and such great pics :)


Great cooking TBC...We really don't need recipe books now..completely agree!!
Wanna try out the fudge too..
Have added you to my blogroll!!

Laavanya said...

Wow! all of these look fabulous TBC and now, thanks to you, I've added a few more to my bookmarked list :) That fudge looks out of the world.. did you need a candy thermometer for that? Thank you for trying out some of my recipes and the feedback. I took your word on nandita's potato wedges and brownies and loved them :)
Hope you had a good 'long' weekend!

Sagari said...

everything looks deleciousssssss

SMN said...

I completely agree with you even i have cpied down so many recipes from the fellow bloggers and shud give it a try soon..

Rama said...

So many delicious food to try..

TBC said...

Easycrafts, Siri, Asha, Saswati, Vimmi, Kalai, Vaishali, Valli, Murimix, Uma, Happy Cook, Musical, Linda, Swati, Sagari, Smn and Rama- I thank each and every one of you for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments. :)

Nupur, Patricia, Namratha and Laavanya- thank YOU for sharing your recipes and making cooking more enjoyable for me.:)

Seema said...

TBC - Lovely try out of recipes.. that was a long list! Great photos!!

TBC said...

Seema- thanks.:-)

Richa said...

hey tbc, i'm thinking of trying the 5min fudge, the original bgh rcp asks for 1tbsp water, do u remember adding that? thanks sweetie!

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