Sunday, March 30, 2008

Orange Yogurt Bread

I came across this recipe on Nicole’s wonderful blog- Pinch My Salt and decided that this was something that had to be tried out immediately. It looked so very appealing. And for once I had all the required ingredients at home!

I made a couple of changes to the original recipe. I cut down on the amount of butter used, increased the amount of yogurt, substituted the granulated sugar with equal amounts of brown and regular sugar and also threw some raisins into the batter.

The results were pretty impressive, if I may say so myself. The batter turned out to be enough for almost 2 loaves so that’s what I ended up doing- baking 2 loaves.
They turned out really well. They were moist, sweet, soft and spongy- just the way I like it.

4 Tbsp butter
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
½ cup+ 2 Tbsp low-fat yogurt
½ cup orange juice
2 tsp orange extract

2 cups all-purpose flour
1 ½ tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
½ cup raisins
½ tsp salt

For the glaze:
Powdered sugar
Orange juice

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

In a large bowl, cream the butter and sugar. Add eggs, beat well.
Add the yogurt, orange juice and orange extract. Mix well.

Mix the dry ingredients well and combine with the wet ingredients. Add the raisins and mix into the batter. Pour into greased loaf pans.

Bake for 45-55 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. (Check after 35 minutes or so. I found that the top had started to brown while the rest of the loaf needed some more time. Cover loosely with foil at this stage.)

Cool the loaves. Poke a couple of holes on the surface of the bread. Drizzle the glaze and spread all over.

This is a really good bread/cake to have along with a hot cup of tea or even as an after-dinner treat when you are craving something sweet. We simply loved it and I am definitely going to make this again and again.

Nicole, thanks a ton for the recipe!

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Seena said...

Looks beautiful, TBC! Picture is so tempting to make one try out this recipe.. :)

Nags said...

that looks more like a cake to me, nice and moist :)

Richa said...

looks so soft, good one tbc!

Laavanya said...

Hey that looks so moist and delicious TBC and so easy too.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Orange bread?? I'm in for some, please! :)
It looks delish.

musical said...

Really, a perfect loaf to go with evening chai!

Lisa said...

I can certainly understand why it didn't take you long to try this bread. Now I want to try it too. Delicious!

Nick said...

Yum. Very interesting recipe. I love baking with yogurt, it adds such a creamy texture to the final product. Thanks for sharing!

- The Peanut Butter Boy

LG said...

ooo'my..that bread looks..ummm..drooling now. I have tagged you for a MEME. Take it at your ease.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

oh wow, the bread looks really fluffy and soft! Love the orange and yogurt combo!

sra said...

You have every right to "say so myself" - it looks lovely - I just had an orange for breakfast so I can taste this somewhat, know what I mean?

Homecooked said...

The cake looks delicious!!!! Wonderful recipe.

Saswati said...

the bread looks awesome...and healthy too:)

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is so YUM!.... I love orange cake a lot... Love them all...

Hima said...

Hey girl, I too made some orange cup cakes. Have to post them.

Madhavi said...

Hi, bread looks so good, yummmm !!!

Madhavi said...

Hi, bread looks so good, yummmm !!!

Vaishali said...

What a delicious-looking bread, tbc, and the addition of orange must give it a real flavor kick. I love the idea. Can't wait to attempt a vegan version soon.

Priyanka said...

TBC, i know what you mean when you say that no matter how much you cook, the besan feels raw.You dont need to roast the besan separately. However, the secret to cooking it completely is to use a lot of oil in the first place and secondly keep a steel plate with some water and a weight on it and let the vegetable-besan mixture cook for 5-10 minutes. Remove, stir(if it sticks to the bottom, its ok, let it turn kind of brown and crispy) and again repeat the same process for 2 more times. That should cook the besan well. Hope this helps.

Kalai said...

Beautiful cake!! I cannot wait to try this out! :)

Meera said...

Wow. That looks just superb.

Miri said...

Looks really tempting and moist!

Uma said...

mmm. the bread looks so mouth-watering. I wish I can bake like that.

Mallika said...

I love the idea of yoghurt in a cake. Nice one!

Divya Vikram said...

The caKE lloks moist and delicious..Guess it tasted great..will have to try it soon

Cynthia said...

That cake is begging for a hot cup of tea (just like you suggested) :)

TBC said...

Seena, Richa, Laavanya, Patricia, Musical, Homecooked, Saswati, Sukanya, Madhavi and Meera

Nags- I thought so too.:-)

Lisa- yeah, there are some recipes that make u wanna drop everything you're doing and get to it right away.:-)

Nick- welcome!
I've never tried baking with yogurt before, though I have used buttermilk. I was very happy witht the way things turned out.

LG- thank you for thinking of me.:)

Ramya- welcome to my blog.
Thanks for stpping by!

Sra- ummm...u had an orange for BF...that IS so similar to having orange bread. Why did I not eat an orange instead of putting in so much effort!:-(

Hima- what are you waiting for? Let us see it.:-)
Hope you are doing well.

Vaishali- it was really good! Both the loaves were gone in no time.:-)
I would love to see what the vegan version looks like. Do post your recipe when you can.:-)

Priyanka- thank you very much for those tips. I will try doing something along the lines of your
2nd tip. It's for steaming the mix, right? I just cannot bring myself to use more than 1-2(max) Tbsp oil during cooking. I guess it is alright to do it once in a while though.
Thanks again!:-)

Kalai- thanks, if you do, do let me know how it turns out for you.

Miri- welcome to my blog:-)

Uma- and why can't you? You dish out such fabulous creations almost effortlessly Baking should be a piece of cake!;-). Give it a shot.:-)

Mallika- I've never used yogurt like this before. I was surprised at how soft and moist the cake was.:-)

Divya Vikram- thanks.:-) and yes, it was really good.:)

Cynthia- go for it!:-)

White On Rice Couple said...

This looks super, duper moist! Gosh, I have yet to have this much moistness in my breads!
I want two thick slices, please!!!

Happy cook said...

Wow I see in a earlier post strawbeeries and now this ornage bread.
Yumm you are in a wonderful cooking mood .
Bread looks so delicious.
Anyslice left???

AnuZi said...

Looks amazing! and the recipe too looks easy enough to try. Great share.

Roopa said...

hi tbc, long time since I maked my last cake:) yours looks so tempting to try, though iam lazy to start :)

TBC said...

White on rice couple-thank you. The yogurt did the trick.;-)

Happy Cook- it is good to have u back. I see that u had a good time.:-)

Anuzi- thank you.:-)

Roopa- It's pretty simple, trust me. I would never have made it if I thought it was work. In the laziness department, I take the cake and the bakery too! ;-)

Sara said...

It looks so yummy!!

Kribha said...

Aaah.... Were you feasting on this while I was dieting? Too bad. Anyway I'm going to try this for sure atleast for my family. Looks darn good.

Pearlsofeast said...

The orange bread slice looks divine and tempting.The pictures are great. Nice Blog.

TBC said...

Sara- Welcome! and thank you.:-)

Kribha- I really was! I made 2 loaves and ate both of them myself(except for a slice or 2 that I shared with hubby)

Pearlsofeast- welcome to my blog.:)
Thank you for the nice words about my blog and the pics. It feels good to hear that.:)

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