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Raspberry Shrikhand

Shrikhand is an Indian dessert made of strained yogurt. It is one of the main desserts in Maharashtrian cuisine and Gujarati cuisine.The yogurt is tied and hung until all the water has drained off, the result being a thick and creamy yogurt. Dried and fresh fruit such as mango are also added. Other ingredients include sugar, cardamom powder, and saffron. Shrikhand is popular in western India.

The dish is prepared by placing the strained yogurt and sugar in a deep bowl and mixing it thoroughly. The cardamom powder and saffron are then added and mixed. The dish is served chilled. In Gujarati cuisine, shrikhand is eaten as either a side-dish with breads such as

poori , or as a desert. It is commonly served as part of a vegetarian thali in Gujarati restaurants and it is very popular as part of wedding feasts. It is often served chilled and provides a refreshing counterpoint to hot and spicy curries.

I like shrikhand but only in small quantities. It is a little too sweet for my taste, especially the store-bought ones. In spite of the fact that I’ve lived a major chunk of my life in Mumbai, I have had this Maharashtrian favorite only on a couple of occasions.

Since we’re focusing on raspberries this month for A Fruit A Month, I decided to make my shrikhand using raspberries.
This recipe that I came across a few days back was my inspiration.

For tips on how to strain yogurt, see
here or here.

I used 2 coffee filters placed inside a strainer kept over a bowl (to catch the whey that drained off), to get the job done. Place the bowl in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours at least (overnight for best results). I started getting impatient after 2 hours and went ahead and started preparing the shrikhand.


(For 1 regular serving/ 2 small servings)
½ cup drained, thick yogurt (obtained by straining a little more than a cup of low-fat yogurt for 2 hours)
2 Tbsp honey
2 tsp powdered sugar (adjust according to taste)
20-25 raspberries (puréed and strained)
A pinch of cardamom powder
A pinch of salt
A few slivered almonds

Mix all the ingredients together. That’s all!

Chill before serving. Top with almonds and raspberries.

The raspberries paired very well with the yogurt to make an easy and delicious dessert that’s healthy too.

While 2 hours of straining the yogurt did give me a shrikhand which was nice and thick, I would like to make it “properly” the next time by leaving it overnight for a richer and creamier texture. I might even just go for Greek yogurt and skip the step of straining the yogurt altogether. :D

The batch of raspberries I had were a little too tart and I had to add some sugar in addition to the honey.

I am going to try my hand at Amrakhand (shrikhand flavored using mango pulp) very soon.

This yummy dessert is going to:
Dee of Ammalu’s Kitchen for
AFAM: Raspberry
Easycrafts of Simple Indian Food for the
Think Cardamom event
Susan of Food Blogga for
Beautiful Bones

I also just wanted to mention very quickly that Easycrafts has kindly passed this onto to me. Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

I am going to make some strained yogurt today. Thanks for the inspiration. I can't wait to try it.

Laavanya said...

I haven't had shrikand in a very long time and don't even remember now how it tastes but considering how versatile and easy this sounds i'm itching to try.... I love the colour on this.
I love strained yogurt and spread it on sandwiches.. coupled with some cucumber slices sprinkled with salt and pepper - nice summery sandwich and very creamy too.

Miri said...

What an interesting combo! raspberry shrikhand sounds delicious!

Swati Raman Garg said...

even i like shrikhand but in small quantities.. and never had it after my days in mumbai... but am sure the rasberry would have had its effect...

Unknown said...

ummm...this shrikhand looks so delicious..

Unknown said...

good idea of using rasberries with the usual shrikhand..looks delicious...

Srivalli said...

wow..that looks great...Shrikhand is something that I have come to love so much from my rci trials!..:)..and yours look so yummy..esp with those raspberries!...and another note...why still budding are now such an expert right...:DD

Uma said...

shrikhand is one dessert I have to try. Looks so delicious. Very nice entry for three events. Congrats on the award.

EC said...

thats a super three in one entry for the events...thanks

Madhavi said...

WOW Raspberry Shrikhand, looks awesome, thanxxx for this sweet and yummmmyyyy post :))

SMN said...

Hey this is innovative must be tasting great! congrats on your award..

bha said...

shrikhand sound yum with the rasberry flavour in it....congrats for the award

sra said...

Love the way the hairs on that centre raspberry show! :)

Sagari said...

beautifulll color tbc

Asha said...

You know, I thought of making this dish! Looks wonderful!:)

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

This is a nice variation. Looks beautiful. We love our shrikhand and aamrakhand.:)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Thanks, TBC! Shrikhand is new to me, but I know I'd love it--thick, creamy yogurt laced with cardamom and saffron? Oooh, it's just too lovely.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Hey Nice & cool. Never tried rasberry's recipes. Nice pic

Purnima said...

TBC, can trust u to come up wt the best treats!! Raspberry-crossed wt shrikhand! wow!! what a treat! You surely make our day! Enjoy the well deserved award and Congrats!!

Richa said...

such apretty color, and yes greek yogurt works very well ;)

Rajitha said...

TBC..u make my day too ;D

ranji said...

this looks delcious!!!love the presenataion..the photo is also superb!!!

Siri said...

Dear TBC, Please do send in ur entry even its already posted, just link it to the AWED announcement and send it across to me. Looking forward for ur yummy entry.


notyet100 said...

looks tasty,..nd yummy..

karuna said...

i make shrikhand all the time, as my hubby is a gujarati with a sweet tooth. this is a nice pairing. i just get the yoghurt from the grocerry store, saves me the hassel of straining it.
nice one

Lisa Turner said...

Oh, how I adore raspberries. I'd like to try this. Though I am often cooking Indian food, I've rarely made Indian sweets. I need to explore!

A Cook @ Heart said...

I am SO craving for this right now!!!!
and about reading between the lines... if I think of what u are thinking, then girl U are right!! ;)

Suganya said...

Hi... This was a innovative idea. Looks so YUM!. Love the creaminess in the shrikhand. Nice color....

Red Chillies said...

what a neat idea :-)

Beyond Curries said...

That' so unique TBC. I also like your idea of straining the yogurt using coffee filters. Very good entry.

vandana rajesh said...

That's very interesting..have tried mango,pista and some other flavors of shrikhand but not raspberry yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey great entry.Very innovative.i use Greek yoghurt whenever I make shrikhand....dont have the patience to strain the normal yoghurt :)

Dee said...

Thankyou TBC for participating !! I hope u received my email.. The shrikand looks fab!!!

Kajal@aapplemint said...

i have to admit, i have never had raspberry shrikhand before. Would be amazing. Yum !

Unknown said...

Love this dessert..Thanks for dropping by my blog..The muffins had soft texture.They were not to sweet like the others bit tangy due to the addition of sour cream

Shah cooks said...

rasberries pairs very nicely with yogurt so i can imagine how it tasted. one of my friend adds sour cream to the yogurt before straining to give it additional creaminess.

TBC said...

Vegeyum- I see that you have enjoyed it.:D

Laavanya- Using it as a spread- that's a grea idea! I love the color too...I think I liked that more than the taste.;D

Swati- the ones we buy from stores are soooooooo sweet. You're a Mumbai mulgi too, huh? :)

Hetal, Sowmya, Madhavi, SMN, Bhags, Sagari, Asha, Vanamala, Notyet100, Red Chillies- thank you! :)

Srivalli- that is very nice of you to say that! But with this name I can get away with anything 'coz I'm just a budding cook! ;-)

Uma- thank you:)

EC- thank you for the award and for hosting.:)

Sra- that's all you can see!? I spend so much time on a post and you notice THAT! Madam Rajitha too is sorta like u... she leaves me 2comments here- not one thing to say about the post though! Bah! :D

Aparna- thanks, I do too...amarkhand more than shrikhand.:)

Susan- thank you. It kinda tastes a bit like raspberry yogurt, but with an Indian touch.:)

Purnima- awww, what a nice thing to say! and thank you.:)

Richa- I liked the color too. Sou've tried it with Greek yogurt then?

Rajitha- oye! why did ya delete the other comment???
And is that u being nice? ;-)

Ranji- thank you.:)

Siri- I did.:) Thank you!

Karuna- I'm gonna get Greek yogurt too the next time. Not that this is a lot of work...:D

Lisa- You've got to try this then!:)

Manasi- yay!:)

Sukanya- they did go well together.:-)

Madhuram- thank you.:)
I did not have muslin/cheesecloth etc. I just did the next best thing.:D

Vandana- Give it a shot then! Mango is my fav flavor.:)

Homecooked- I'm gonna get some Greek yogurt next time.:D

Dee- thank you! I did get ur mail...

Kate/Kajal- yeah, it was pretty darn good! ;D

Divya V. - thanks.:)

Mallugirl- Will try adding sour cream next time.:)That sounds like a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I had to tell you that I made this and it is so stunning, I was licking the bowl clean. I will post later, maybe tonight (my time). Amazing how yogurt and honey can taste so heavenly.

TBC said...

Vegeyum- thank you so much for letting me know! :).
Just checked out your post...

MPG said...

Raspberry is another great fruit for shrikhand ... Good to know I inspired you, I am always curious how my recipes work for other folks who improvise them, so I am glad I found your post!

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