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Sabudana Khichdi

Pearl sago, or sabudana, as it is known in Maharashtra, is mainly eaten during religious fasting in preparations such as sabudana khichdi and sabudana vadas. In Southern India, it is commonly used in making pappadams, vadas and payasams.
I first came across
Nupur’s recipe for sabudana khichdi a couple of months back, and have been making it very frequently since then. This traditional Maharashtrian favorite is now a regular at our place since it makes a quick, tasty and filling breakfast/brunch during weekends.

Here is Nupur’s recipe and this is what I did. I stuck to the original recipe for the most part, but also threw in some carrots for color, crunch and sweetness. I do not know if the dish will still remain a “fasting dish” with the addition of carrots.

For 3 servings
2 cups sago/sabudana, soaked overnight and fluffed (Nupur has some good tips on how to soak sabudana
1 cup peanuts, powdered coarsely
4-5 tsp sugar
Salt to taste
1-2 Tbsp oil
1 ½ tsp cumin seeds
2 small potatoes, cubed
8-12 baby carrots, chopped into small pieces
7-8 green chillies, chopped finely (adjust according to tolerance)
Lemon juice

Mix the fluffed sago, crushed nuts, sugar and salt together and set aside.

Heat oil in a pan and add the cumin seeds followed by the green chillies.

Next, add the cubed potatoes and carrots and cover and cook till the vegetables are done.

Add the sago-peanut mixture to the pan and mix well to combine with the seasoned vegetables. Cook on low heat for about 2-3 minutes and turn off the heat.

Squeeze some lemon juice over the khichdi. Serve hot. We had this with some
tomatillo chutney.

I have cooked a lot from Nupur’s blog ever since I first stumbled across it some two years back. These are just some of her other recipes that I remember having tried out.

Dahi Batata (Potato in Yogurt)

Tuesday Soup and Pan-Fried Potatoes

This goes to
Zlamushka who is hosting the second round of Tried and Tasted. The June edition features Nupur’s blog which I simply love mainly for her simple, unassuming and down-to-earth style of writing, and of course, her recipes.

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Asha said...

Sago looks yummy! Except vadas and wafers, I have never any other with Sago.
Pithale looks great, will try.Dahi salad is what is needed now at 100F Temp!:D
Send Dahi dish to Siri's event.

Laavanya said...

Hey TBC - i agree with you on how perfect and easy this khichdi is - Nupur's recipes rock.
I added onions in my version so it's definitely not suitable for fasting anymore!
The dahi potatoes look lovely too.

Nupur said...

Thank you for trying the sabudana khichdi recipe, my dear! It is definitely one of the most awaited breakfasts in my home :)
The addition of carrots gives it such a beautiful splash of color!
I made your wonderful onion chutney the other day and will blog about it soon :)

easycrafts said...

Nice idea of adding carrots to the kichadi

bhags said...

Nupur's is a great blog and so are her recipes, isnt it....sabudana khichadi looks nice. I liked the pithale pic

Happy cook said...

Sago dish is new to me. I have never made anything from ago.
But tha dahi wada looks so inviting, i wanted to grab the bowl and eat it.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Khichdi looks so good. So colorful recipe. YUM!....

mitr_bayarea said...

sabudana kichadi looks like a healthy snack..

Medhaa said...

I love the carrots in the Sagi, will try it this way next time. Nice Choice

Vanamala said...

Wow lovely dishes ..

Miri said...

I loved the sabudana khichdi too, plus many more recipes from Nupur's blog - such simple recipes and an unassuming demeanour!

Uma said...

wow, that's a delicious array of Nupurs' recipes. Love your presentation, TBC!

Sia said...

eachand everything u cooked from nupur's blog looks wonderful tbc. i have bookmarked sabudana kichidi and thalipeth and cantw ait to try them:)

Kalai said...

The sago looks so fluffy and delicious, TBC! Great entries! :)

Rajitha said...

arre..why are you doing naatak of healthy eating with that carrots in huh looks great..never tried her MW version but have heard great stuff about it..all the food looks great!

TBC said...

Asha- same here.:D
Isn't Siri's event about frozen yogurt though?

Laavanya- it is v.simple. The only thing is that you've got to remember to soak it overnight. I forget to do that sometimes.:D

Nupur- thank YOU for all your wonderful recipes!:)
You made the onion chutney? That's my mom's recipe and I simply love it. Hope you liked it too.:)

EC- I thought so too.:D

Bhags- yes, it was one of the first food blogs I came across and I have been a regular since then.:)
Thank you!:D

HC- Dahi wada? where did u see that? :( You obviously meant the aloo in dahi.:D

Sukanya- thanks!:D

Mitr, my friend:D- and it is!:)

Medhaa- thank you.:)

Vanamala- thanks! :)

Miri- yes, very true. That is why I find her blog so appealing!

Uma- thank you!:D

Sia- I would like to try the thalipeeth , but it seems like a lot of work to me, considering how lazy I tend to be.:D. It should be no problem for you though.;-)

Kalai- thank you.:)

Rajitha- I said I added the carrots for "color, crunch and sweetness". Who said anything about eating healthy here?! ;-D

zlamushka said...

wow, someone likes to cook from One Hot Stove here :-) Lovely re-creations, I am sure Nupur is flattered to see someone makes so many dishes.
I hope you dont mind if I publish them all. I wish you had the pics for the chutney and potatoes, too :-) you dont, do you???

zlamushka said...

wow, someone likes to cook from One Hot Stove here :-) Lovely re-creations, I am sure Nupur is flattered to see someone makes so many dishes.
I hope you dont mind if I publish them all. I wish you had the pics for the chutney and potatoes, too :-) you dont, do you???

TBC said...

Z- I most certainly do!:D
Please go ahead and use the pics that you think would be a good fit for this event. I do not have pics for the Tuesday soup(that's what u meant, right?) and the pan-fried potatoes. But feel free to use the ones for Pithale and Dahi Batata.:D

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