Friday, August 1, 2008

Corn and Methi Pulao

I love corn-methi pulao but only make it occasionally. Recently, I saw this on Raaga’s blog and decided that it was time I made some again, especially since I had a lot of rice left over from the previous day.

I normally use frozen fenugreek/methi leaves for this recipe, but did not have any this time since I’m in the process of cleaning out my freezer. I substituted it with some kasuri methi. Just keep in mind that while using kasuri methi, a little goes a long way.

2 Tbsp ghee
1 bay leaf
1 stick of cinnamon
1 tsp cumin seeds
½ - ¾ tsp of a mixture of powdered cloves, pepper and cardamom
2-3 green chillies
1 tsp freshly grated ginger
2-3 garlic cloves, smashed and chopped
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
2 tsp kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves)
¾ cup frozen corn
Approximately 2 ½ cups cooked basmati rice
Salt to taste

Heat ghee in a large pan. Add the bay leaf, cinnamon stick, cumin seeds and the spice mix followed by the chopped onions, ginger, garlic and green chillies. Sauté till the onions are translucent. Fish out the bay leaf and cinnamon stick.
Add the kasuri methi/dried fenugreek leaves and cook for 3-4 minutes. Add the frozen corn to this and mix well. Cook until the corn has thawed in the pan and the water content (from the frozen corn) has evaporated.

Add the cooked rice and mix well. Serve hot with raita.

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purplesque said...

Oh, this is a wonderful combination. Sweet corn and the slightly bitter methi. Guess whats in the freezer..thank you.

Rachel said...

everday I am greeted by something that I like on ur blog :)

Mallika said...

What a lovely idea! I have both frozen methi and the kasoori stuff to give this a try. Thanks!

Laavanya said...

That looks like a lovely combination TBC. Pretty too.

amna said...

new camera? pics looking really good!

Anonymous said...

love kasoori methi...and cleaning freezer..haan mein bhul gayi..tu thode time ke liye phutne wali hain :(..hate u...


TBC said...

Purplesque- yeah, it does go really well together. Hope you like it as much as we did.:D

Rachel- What can I say! We like the same things and have good taste!;-)

Mallika- it would actually be perfect for one of those parties you is so quick to make.:D

Laavanya- thank you.:D

Nags- no, the same old one!:D
Thank you!:)

Rajitha- yes madam! I'm just counting days now.:D

Raaga said...

I must try this with Kasuri Methi sometime :)

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