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Adai is a protein-packed nutritious dish that is prepared by grinding together a combination of rice and different lentils. The batter is one that requires no fermentation and the adai can be prepared instantly as long as the rice and dals are soaked for sufficiently long enough (6-8 hours). I would recommend soaking the rice-dal mix for a minimum of two hours at least. The proportions of the dals and rice vary each time I make adai.

This is how I prepare it sometimes.

½ cup raw rice
½ cup toor dal
½ cup urad dal
½ cup chana dal
4-5 red chillies
A small piece of ginger
8-10 curry leaves
Salt to taste
Oil for making adai

Soak the rice and dals overnight (or for at least 2-4 hours) along with the red chillies. Drain most of the water off and grind together with the curry leaves and ginger to get a coarse thick batter. Add a pinch of asafoetida and salt to taste.

Heat a non-stick griddle or a cast-iron pan. Pour a ladleful of the batter in the center of the pan. Spread it out in a circular motion using the back of the ladle. Make the adai thick or thin depending on your preference. I like mine thin and crispy.

Drizzle some oil around the edges of the adai and also a little in the center. Cook till it turns golden brown on the bottom, then flip over and cook the other side.

Serve hot with avial or jaggery on the side. I had mine with some tomato chutney and jaggery.

This goes to Sunshinemom for FIC- Brown.

I just came across this event being hosted by Sangeeth and realized that adai is the perfect example of a diabetic friendly meal.

Lentils, which make up a major portion of this dish, are
good for everybody, not just for people with diabetes. They’re rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, and high in dietary fiber, as a result of which they are digested slowly resulting in a steady and gradual rise in blood sugar levels (low glycemic index). This keeps one feeling fuller for longer. Lentils are also a rich natural source of B vitamins and minerals. Besides, its cholesterol-lowering properties helps reduce the risk of heart disease in diabetics. In short, it is a good idea for diabetics to have lentils in some form or the other with every meal.

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Arundathi said...

those are great photos!

amna said...

love LOVE love the pics :)

been meaning to make adai avial for a long time now!

sra said...

Hi TBC, can this be made without the rice?

Finla said...

No fermentation, that i love. As it is cold weather it is always difficult.
Why does the proportion vary each time you make

Laavanya said...

You've got a new header! :) Nice.

I love the golden coloured thin adais you have... ravishing. I add too many veggies that i can never spread it thin enough..

Unknown said...

This looks incredibly gorgeous, TBC. Adai has to be one my most favorite eats, especially when it's crispy and golden like that. Love it!

mitr_bayarea said...

I love adais, unbelievable how yours came out so thin and crispy. I've always made them thick and darker and I add onions and cabbage to mine.

Unknown said...

Nice golden color..and pretty pic.I add all lentils I have on hand while making adai..

Uma said...

looks so crispy and thin. ooh so tempting!

Sunshinemom said...

OMG - that is one beautiful picture!! Thanks for the adai - I just had dosais:)

raaji said...

Wonderful!!!!!What a co-incidence....You know i finally fixed to this Adai dosa after going thr a lot of online dosa recipes and made the batter too just an hour before....I looked up for the measurements in paachakam site.They were very slightly different than yours....But i was thinking throughout how it would turnout since i didnt have a pic attached to the recipe to feel much more comfy&satisfied.....
Just a day before would have made me even happier...lets hope those dosas turn out well......

Sangeeth said...

Thanks you so much! your pics are awesome!!!

Sujatha said...

Adai looks so crispy! Mouth watering..

Happy Diwali to you Tbc!

Anonymous said...

The thin and delicate nature of these is just beautiful! Wow, that's a great close up photograph!

AnuSriram said...

That looks so crispy! delicious!

Mandira said...

looks just delicious, happy diwali to you and your family.

Srivalli said...

Hello TBC..long time no see!..Wish you and your family a happy Deepavali!

Header looks great!

And adai super!..:)..hope you also know abt Rice mela at my place!..

Shah cooks said...

your adai looks so thin and crispy. i usually grind it coarsely!! nice!

Laavanya said...

Nice to know that your chickpea tikkis were from Helene's site too :) I actually use the blog search tool on your site quite often... very handy.

Anonymous said...

The adai looks crispy and delicious..mmm. Ever since I was lucky enough to obtain a wet grinder, I have started making all kinds of adais and they are so tasty.
Off-topic: thanks for stopping by :) Here's wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali and a joyous festive season. Oh, and I like the new header (cup of something hot and a good blog to read...what more can one ask for?) :)

TBC said...

Arundathi- thanks!

Nags- thank you so much! :-)
I like adai avial too, but have u tried it with jaggery? It is so good! :)

Sra- I don't see why not. If you do try it minus the rice, do let me know how it turned out...

HC- no fermentation required, but you must remember to soak it at least an hour or two in advance. I cannot tell you the number of times I've wanted to eat adai but couldn't only 'coz I'd forgotten this simple step.:-(
As for the proportions varying, it really is only 'coz I've never measured the ingredients while making it and use whatever dals I have on hand. This was the first time I measured everything.:D

Laavanya- I'm so glad you noticed the new header! In fact you're the only one who did.:-( Thank you! :D
I add veggies too sometimes- carrots, onions- but it is difficult to get paper thin adais then as you have mentioned.

Vaishali- thank you!:)You like it thin and crispy too!
I like the fact that this is a complete meal by itself and it doesn't take too many of these to fill u up.:-)

Mitr- I add onions too sometimes, but cabbage is something I've not yet tried. I have a thing for paper thin dosas and adais.:)

Divya- thank you! :D

Uma- :D thank you.

Harini- thank you!:)
I'm glad I could participate.

Raaji- I know what you mean. It helps so much if you have a pic of dish before you actually make it. :-)
Well, I hope your dosas/adais turned out well. Paachakam has some good recipes. :)

Sangeeth- thank you! :D

Sujatha- thank you!
Happy Diwali to you too, Sujatha. Hope you are having a good time! :)

Todd and Diane- thank you so much! :)

Anusriram- thank you!:)

Mandira- thanks.:D
Diwali wishes to all of you too from me. I'm so jealous that you have your parents visitng right now.:-(

Srivalli- I know! How have you been? You must be busy cooking up a storm these days since it's the festival season! We expect nothing less from you, you superwoman!! :D
And you noticed my new header? yay!
Thank you.
I did check out "rice mela". It would be a shame indeed if I did not participate 'cos I'm the kind of person who needs to have rice in some form or the other at least once a day!

Shaheen- thank you! :D
I did too. I just spread it a little thin 'cos I like it crispy, that's all.
Your gajar ka halwa looks gorgeous!
How's the little one doing? Keeping you busy, I'm sure.:D

Laavanya- Yay! Even though I have it right on my blog, I end up doing a google search for the blog search tool! :D

Nupur- it's so nice to see u here. Please post something, girl! We're missing you and your posts.
I got myself a proper Indian mixer(no wet grinder yet) during my recent trip home. I seriously have no idea how I managed all these years without one!!
I'm so happy you noticed the change in header! Thank you!:D
Happy Diwali once again!

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

hi TBC....(u still with the sma ename!..i think i will keep nagging u till u change that! time friend,,how u doin? liked the luk of the adai..that was just exactly how my dad used to like these..crispy paper roast..

Sia said...

simply gorgeous... belated diwali wishes to u and ur family dear :)

Asha said...

Thank you TBC for your wishes. Hope you had a great Deepavali too. I didn't cook much but made a Microwave Almond burfi, that's about it.
Right now, I would kill for that Adai! ;D
Take care, see you next year! :))

Deepthi Shankar said...

its been looong since i had adai .. lovely pic .. Hope U guys had a great diwali

Mallika said...

This is like chrila no? Looks amazing. I especially like the no fermentation part!

Pooja said...

looks soooooooooooo crispy. :)
want to gran it from screen :D

Uj said...

Hey Adai looks so crispy and brown. I have heard a lot about adai but never tasted them. your recipe sounds perfect to me :) will try and let you know

Uj said...

Hey Adai looks so crispy and brown. I have heard a lot about adai but never tasted them. your recipe sounds perfect to me :) will try and let you know

Rajitha said...

yummm...the pic looks so good..i hate adai tho...but the pic looks so good...

Rajitha said...

hey..i just noticed the new u gotta tell me how to do year ;)

Sig said...

That is a great looking picture TBC! I love how you captured that crispiness... I am not a big ada fan though, all those lentils together scare the hell out of me :)

Indian Khana said...

Love the pics...very nice adai is simply rocking

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Nothing quite like hot, crisp adai with jaggery or home-mde butter. Yeah, that's how we have it.
Liked your new header.

TBC said...

Sona- I'm so happy to see that you're back! :D...and yeah, still the same name...;-)

Sia- thank you:D

Asha- we don't really celebrate Diwali being Keralites and all that.;-) Growing up in Bombay though, it was something that was always a part of my life only 'coz it was difficult to not get caught up in the festival spirit. After coming here, it's pretty much just Onam and Vishu for us.
Thanks for the wishes though. Hope the work on the house is coming along just fine.

Deesha- thank you.:D

Mallika- now what is this chrila? Now I have to go google it!:(
How are you feeling now, u hot mom-to be? :D

Pooja! How are you? It's been ages since I saw u here!
Hope you had a good Diwali.:)

Uj- Welcome! :D
You have to try adai at least once.
Please let me know how it turns out for you, o.k.? :)

Rajitha- you only think you hate it.;-) You will like mine.. hatred is such a strong emotion, especially for paavam adai.;-)
At least you said u like my pic, so itz o.k.
The new header- I just got it from one of those sites where u can download it for free. I will help you if I have not forgotten myself, but for a small fee.;-)
BTW, what do u think of it???

Sig- thank you.:D
You are beginning to sound like Rajitha now- what is the matter with u gals? ;-)
You can get all your protein from other sources. What about poor vegetarians like us?:-)

Priti- thank you.:D

Aparna- I agree! :D I like it with jaggery too.
I don't care much for the adai-avial combination though.
I'm glad you noticed the new header.:D

PG said...

came here through sunshinemom's food colours round up. The adais look wonderful! Have been wantig to try something similar since long. You are inspiring me to finally do it.
Look veryb tempting ! and beautiful pictures!

TBC said...

PG- Welcome! I'm glad you visited.:D
Thank you! So when are you going to make it?

foodbin said...

we call it thosai, best with dry mutton curry.

foodbin said...

we call it thosai, best with dry mutton curry.

Poornima Nair said...

Hey...thanks for visiting mu blog...U have a great place here...adai looks so crisp...just the way I like my dosas...I have adais with sugar at times, never had it with jaggery...will definitely try next time...

TBC said...

Poornima- welcome here, and thank you!:)

Unknown said...

Good post! Lots of informative information :)

Low Glycemic

sharikahline said...

Tried this recipe yesterday and the Adai turned out great! I added black pepper when grinding. Next time thinking of adding some onions for new flavor!

Nice pic! :-)

TBC said...

Sharikahline- Thanks so much for the feedback! The black pepper is a great addition. :)

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