Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fudgy Brownies


When Aparna announced that she was hosting Tried and Tasted featuring Lisa's Kitchen this month, I knew I wanted to participate in this one. For once, I knew exactly what to make too. I have been following Lisa's blog for almost two years now and had bookmarked this recipe, among a few others, from her blog a while ago.

I have made a lot of brownies since I first "discovered" the world of food blogs since I find that few desserts are more satisfying than rich and warm gooey brownies. I've tried out different recipes over time and have had satisfactory results for the most part. This recipe in particular interested me since it had no added fat - not that there's anything wrong with a bit of fat- but I was a bit curious to find out for myself the final product's taste and texture.

I made a few additions to
Lisa's recipe though. I threw some toasted hazelnuts into the brownie batter. Also, since chocolate and orange is one of my all time flavor combinations, I added some orange zest.

1 egg
1 cup sugar (I would decrease this a bit the next time I make this- it was a little too sweet for me)
½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
6 Tbsp yogurt
Zest of an orange
1 tsp vanilla extract
½ cup all-purpose flour
A handful of chopped hazelnuts, toasted in the oven at 350 degrees F for 7-10 minutes
A pinch of salt
½ tsp baking powder

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line an 8x8-inch baking dish with foil and grease with oil/butter.

In a bowl, beat the egg with sugar till light in color and fluffy.

Add cocoa powder, yogurt, orange zest (optional), vanilla extract and mix well. Incorporate the flour, salt and baking powder into the mixture and mix gently until well combined.

Add toasted hazelnuts and fold into the batter. This is optional, but if adding please toast them since it brings out their incredibly rich nutty flavor.

Bake in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out relatively clean. Cool and cut into squares.
These fudgy brownies taste best when they're fresh, warm and straight from the oven. This recipe is fantastic and I will keep going back to it when I'm in the mood for a simple and delicious treat.


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Kitchen Flavours said...

Oh wow looks soft and yum...

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Wow, soft and goey brownie... The brownie should be... I baked 2 cakes a few days back but just posted one, the other one was brownie... tempting Brownie TBC...

Happy cook said...

Wow it looks really fudgey delicious, wish i had atleast few slices.

Asha said...

She does have so many great recipes, doesn't she? Brownies look fab! :)

Laavanya said...

A is a big brownie fan too.. i like that this recipe makes a small quantity - looks awesome with the toasted nuts.

Lisa said...

Thanks for following my blog! And I love the changes you made to my recipe.

Madhumathi said...

Ahh!Tempting brownies..I can't stop craving for these :)

Varsha Vipins said...

The pic says it all..Rich,moist n yumm-o!

A_and_N said...

It looks SO good. I've bookmarked this too :D

Prathibha said...

yummy brownie..even i had posted brownie in my blog recently..

Aparna said...

Looks delicious. I also made some chocolate and orange cookies from Lisa's blog.
I regularly make brownies with cocoa but I like this low fat option. Shall try it out too.
Thanks for participating in T&T.

Arundathi said...

mmm... delicious!!

Astra Libris said...

Mmmm, YUM!! Hooray for gorgeous brownies - especially ones with orange in them! Such a great flavor addition!

Uma said...

Love the look of that brownie. Yummy!

Moi said...

simple & sweet! :)

TBC said...

KF, Ramya, HC, Asha, Madhumathi, Varsha, A & N, Prathibha, Arundathi, Uma & Moi- thank you all for visiting.:)

Laavanya- this recipe makes 16 brownies. Tastes so good with the toasted hazelnuts. I usually go for walnuts but this time I had hazelnuts.:)

Lisa- T & T was the perfect time/excuse to get around to making at least one of those recipes bookmarked from your blog.:D

Aparna- Have fun with your sis! :)

Astra Libris- I love the chocolate-orange combination. It tastes so, so good! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....this looks so sinful! Perfect chocolate therapy :)

TBC said...

Homecooked: I agree.:D

Lane said...

Im looking for something sweet to make tonight because I've been working on restaurant menu design for this new pastry place in Chicago. Now all I want to do is pig out on sweets. From looking at them all day.

zlamushka said...


When I heard you re participating I somehow knew it was going to be something really yums and sweet :-)
Thanks a lot for participating in T&T April. I hope you had fun and will take up the challenge again this month :-)
Brownies look fantastic :-)

TBC said...

Zlamushka- awww, aren't you sweet! ;-)
Whose blog is being tried and tasted this month?

bindiya said...

Heyyy TBC long time, how have u been?, these brownies are on my next to-make list, they look awesome!

Simply Life said...

Yum! Those brownies look delicious!

TBC said...

Bindiya- thanks :D

Simply Life- and they tasted great too. :)
Thanks for visiting.

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