Sunday, June 15, 2008

Roti John

I was looking for something simple to make for Sia’s Street Food edition of the Monthly Blog Patrol, and was browsing through some of my favorite blogs when I came across a recipe for Roti John on Nupur's blog. Roti John, I found out, is a popular and much-loved dish sold by hawkers on the streets of Singapore. It is basically a toasted French loaf spread with pan grilled eggs and minced meat, and served with a chilli- ketchup sauce. It sounded a lot like my version of French toast, minus the minced meat.

I followed Nupur's recipe. She uses soy granules as a substitute for the minced meat that the original version calls for.

For 2 servings
baguette or a French loaf (I used what I had- 4 thick pieces of Texas garlic toast)
2 eggs
2 Tbsp milk
4 green chillies, finely chopped
3 Tbsp rehydrated soy granules (I used
Nutrela's granular TVP)
¼ cup of finely chopped onions
Salt to taste
Oil for pan frying

In a bowl, beat the eggs along with milk and add the soy granules, chillies, onions and salt. Mix well.

Heat the oil in a pan. Slather a generous amount of the egg mixture onto one side of the bread. Pan fry each side till brown and slightly crisp. Repeat for every slice. Serve hot.
We had this with some Maggi hot and sweet sauce.

I had some of the egg mixture left over at the end which I used to make something else. I'll save that for another post.

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Anonymous said...

looks delicious..tho i don't eat makes my mouth water...


Anonymous said...

Really interesting. It reminds me of a street snack in China involving fried egg on a more pancake like structure (opposed to the bread) and served with a few sauces.
Anyhow, this looks quite good!

Shankari said...

Yum ! Love the idea of making it with soy granules.

Srivalli said...

that looks so yummy..will try minus the eggs..with paneer! does give that real tempting street food look!

delhibelle said...

Roti John looks good! Sadly, one can hardly find a veg. one in Singapore, but yours is terrific:)

Miri said...

I make the same version as yours (without the meat) since I sweet breakfasts are not my thing....this version sounds good too - and that pic is mouth watering!

Kamini said...

That looks absolutely delicious....

Happy cook said...

It is the first time i hear about this roti john, but it looks so delicious.

SMN said...

Thats luks perfect snack for a evening cup of coffee. nice entry for the event

Laavanya said...

About 2 months after I landed in Singapore, the man in the canteen asked my roomie and I if we wanted Roti John (we were 4 of us who were vegetarians in the entire hostel). Not knowing what it was, we nodded thinking it will be some kind of chapathi. It was such a disappointment and because of that incident, I've never given this a try after that. I saw this on Nupur's blog the other day and was thinking that it was rather interesting... yours looks awesome. Must give it yet another chance :)

Nupur said...

Oh my- your roti john with the thick texas toast looks soooo good! You are right, it is so much like our Indian savory "French" toast but the addition of soy granules makes it even heartier.

Asha said...

I love this snack, planned to make it but got the Dabeli instead!:)

Looks mouthwatering tbc!

Roopa said...

Thats a very good photo and a very nice treat:) Never heard about it:) Interesting name though:)

bee said...

doesn't nupur dig up the most amazing recipes from the recesses of the web? yours looks yummy.

Siri said...

Yum Yum!! love the name - 'Roti John'..:)


Madhuram said...

Thanks for sending it to the event TBC. I would love to taste it, but not make it, because I don't cook eggs. So will knock on your door!

Jyothsna said...

That is indeed a nice way of using soya granules!! Yum!

mitr_bayarea said...


eggs on french baguette looks great...we don't cook eggs at home, so can't try it.

Swati Raman Garg said...

yumm looking idea ..i love egg ...

Vani said...

Love the name roti john! Love the looks of it even better! :)

TBC said...

Rajitha- so when do we get to see a post??

Cookinpanda- thank you.:)

Shankari- I do was Nupur's idea.:)

Srivalli- I thought u ate eggs...
thank you!:)

Rashmi- oooh, you're from Singapore! Does mine look anything like the original version?

Miri- I too prefer savory over sweet. Thank you:D

Kamini- thank you.:)

HC- I'd never heard of it either till I posted this!:D

SMN- thank you.:)

Laavanya- Do try it. I recommend using the baguette, 'coz mine had a very garlicky taste. I did like it though.:D

Nupur- thank you!
It does make for a very filling breakfast/brunch.:D

Asha- thank you!:D

Roopa- I like the name too.:D
Thank you.

Bee- She sure does!
Thank you.:D

Siri- I do too.:)

Madhuram- oh! would u rather not use my entry then? I have no problem with that.:)
Hope your mom reached safely.

Jyo- thank you.:D

Mitr- thank you.:D

Swati- thanks!:)

Vani- awww, that's nice of u to say that!:D

Suma Gandlur said...

Haven't been blogging or blog hopping for the past few months and seems that I have missed lot of your posts.
Roti john looks so yum yum.

Devi Priya said...

Soy granules, I must try...Nice post.

TBC said...

Suma- I hope you are coping well with the recent loss...

Thank you. It is good to see you here.:D

Devi Priya- thank you. As Nupur said, soy granules does make it heartier.:)

Kevin said...

That looks tasty!

Divya Vikram said...

nice french toast..never heard it was made using meat

Rajani said...

hey there! firstly loving this recipe!!! will try it as well, secondly, I was looking for comments link and saw 26 burps! I laughed so loudly my baby almost woke up!!!

about the erissery - we love erissery and there are a few kinds to make as well - so it does end up being cooked other than onasadya!

TBC said...

Kevin- thanks.

Divya- thanks.

Rajani- thank you.:D
I think the reason I don't make it a lot is 'cos I'm not too fond of it.:D

delhibelle said...

Hi..just saw your query on my comment..honestly speaking, yours looks as good as some & better than lots that I have tried here.
Some of the most popular Roti joints here kinda makes an omlette with onion & mutton and sandwich it between the bread, squirt some mayo and ketchup on the top & serve but I personally feel that the way you have made will taste better

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