Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chayote Squash Curry

1 chayote squash, cubed
4-5 curry leaves
1 cup buttermilk

To be ground to a fine paste:
6-7 green chillies
3 Tbsp coconut
A small piece of ginger, grated

For seasoning:
1 Tbsp coconut oil
½ tsp mustard seeds
½ tsp fenugreek seeds
A pinch of asafoetida
Salt to taste

Cook the chayote squash cubes along with some curry leaves and salt in a little water till tender.

Add the ground mixture to this and cover and cook for about 5 -7 minutes.

Add the buttermilk and cook for another 2-3 minutes on very low heat.

Heat the oil and temper with the ingredients listed above. Serve hot with rice and pappad.

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Rachel said...

this is something I greedily idulge in when I visit my folks!

Rajitha said...

yum yum morukootan..tho less on the coconut...are u cleaning up the archives??...too nosy nah :D

[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

Ooh, intriguing. We usually have chayote just stirfried. This looks like a must-try to spice up our chayote.

Laavanya said...

I love morkootu but have never tried making it with chow chow before.. only the white pumpkin. Yours looks pretty, with the seasoning on top.

TBC said...

Rachel- anything is o.k. when you're with family.:D

Rajitha- I am... too obvious, huh? I have way too many posts that are yet to be published.:(

JS- welcome!:D
Do let me know if you do try it out.

Laavanya- thanks:D

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