Saturday, January 30, 2010

From Your Kitchen To Mine #5

Many of the recipes I try out in my kitchen are inspired by what I come across, and find interesting on the cooking shows I watch on television, the cookbooks and magazines I borrow from the library, and by what I see on the numerous cooking websites and food blogs.

Here are a few recipes from fellow bloggers that I've tried out in my kitchen; some of them have gone on to become dishes that now feature regularly on my menu.

Meena's Vegetarian Kheema

Indira's Methi Carrot

Sagari's Pesarattu

Some more, without pictures...

4 Burps:

Raaga said...

Great... I love how you remember and go back to make the things. MY to do list just grows and grows :(

Soma said...

The methi carrot sounds DELICIOUS!! I have to make that.

TBC said...

Raaga- I try. :)
My folder of bookmarked recipes has way too many recipes- I stopped counting after the first hundred.:)

Soma- If you like methi (and I do remember reading on your blog that you do), you'll like this one a lot. :)

Magnetic Spice Rack said...

Whoa! Delicious foods overload. It looks spicy, just the way I like it.

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