Saturday, September 25, 2010

From Your Kitchen To Mine #6

I decided to use bread in two different ways for The Iron Chef edition of Nupur's Blog Bites.

The first recipe, one for Malai Toast, is now a family favorite. It's something I've been making regularly since I first came across it on Richa's blog some 3 years back.


The only change I made here was to use yogurt with a splash of buttermilk instead of the malai mentioned in the original recipe. I also smear the batter on both sides of the bread slices and cook till it gets a nice crispy crust.

We love having this for breakfast over the weekends. It's something that's really simple and tasty and can be made at a moment's notice if you have the ingredients on hand. The recipe calls for ingredients that I always have in my kitchen. I cannot think of a better way to make use of a loaf of bread, leftover or otherwise.

The second recipe is from Kanchan's blog. Kanchan, very creatively transforms stale bread into this tasty snack in her recipe.


Here's how I made this-

I ran 5 slices of bread through the food chopper to get coarse crumbs. Next, I threw in a chopped onion, a few green chillies, a small bunch of coriander leaves, some salt and pepper, and pulsed the ingredients a couple of times. Then I added one beaten egg to the whole thing and mixed well. I added a little bit of flour too since the “dough” had become a little sticky at this point. This mixture of ingredients gave me 6 balls. I flattened these balls of the mixture as much as possible and cooked them till done.

Thanks for sharing your recipes, Richa and Kanchan!

Some more ways to enjoy bread:

Baked Eggs And Vegetables In Bread Cups

Pappa al Pomodoro (Tomato And Bread Soup)

Roti John

Bombay Toast (French Toast, Indian style)

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow...both look yummy TBC! The malai toast sounds heaven :) Will have to try both these!

Nupur said...

Got your entry and the round up is already posted :)

sharikahline said...

TBC, this was perfect timing! I tried making malai, actually buttermilk toast this morning and dh loved it :-) the crispy finish was the best part!
my only twist was adding leftover carrot in a grated form to the batter! pic is up on my blog. thanks much!

Cynthia said...

Wow, I love your creations!

SS blogs here said...

Both your bread transformations sound tasty. Will keep these in mind for weekends! Cheers!

J said...

I'm always looking for new ways with bread and both the recipes sound good!

Sharmi said...

I too remember Richa's toast. You reminded me the good old forgotten recipe. evening I will make this:) Looks yum!

Anonymous said...

Hey TBC...I made the 1st item the yoghurt way and it was delicious :)Thanks for sharing your tips!

Shanthi said...

yummy and perfect. Luv it.

Smita said...

Wow...great recipe...Loved it!!!

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